Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Collecting from home

Hello my friends, as summer progresses covid will not yet go away. Where in parts of America the first wave of the virus sadly still rolls on here in Europe a second wave is beginning to rise up. Let us hope that one or more of the vaccins that are being tested around the globe is soon found to be a good medicin to heal us and eradicate this threat. 

In the meantime we have to be careful. Careful for ourselves and those around us. I hope that all of you, and your loved ones, are healthy and safe and that you all may stay that way!

While working from home I have bought several miniatures the past few months. Made by several wonderful miniaturists or just run of the mill items. Some I saved up for, others I could snap up as soon as I saw them. Let us say that I have no budget for the remainder of the year. ūü§ę

First I want to show you the two dolphin shaped candlesticks. They are made in silver by Stephan Wein. They are quite decorative and delicate. I could not resist them as you may understand. 
The 4 urns are from the other end of the miniature scale. These are factory made halfscale vases cast in resin. But they look good. I want to decorate them so they can be used in the diningroom. Faux marble perhaps or silvered with leaf silver? What would you do?

Other miniatures which may very well end up in the diningroom are these Venetian glasses. Hand blown by Gerdt Felka. I love the red and White decorations on the stems of these glasses. Every fluted glass is different from the others. 

You may remember that I showed you a hunting rifle in my post "In front of the looking glass". I'm afraid that I have yet bought more fire arms. Dueling was a right of the upper classes. In the 17th century, pistols were added to swords as methods of seeking satisfaction for wrongs. Although luckily dueling pistols were sometimes more a status symbool than a means to harm ones opponent. Thousands of beautifully styled and carved firearms were stored in noble houses across the continent, waiting for the right insult to be levied against the owner or his associates.

Sir Zonneschut needs to have a decent pair of duelling pistol as well. although he probabaly inherited them. This mahogany case holds a pair of flintlock pistols made by the miniaturists Jim Watt. Sadly he died a few years ago, but he has made wonderful miniatures in his day. The double barreled rifle is also made by him. 

All metal parts, save the metal barrels are made of silver. All the flat areas are engraved, but the picture is sadly not sharp enough to show all the details. But you can see some of it. These will probably end up in sir Zonneschuts library.

Now sir Zonneschut has been spoiled enough with goodies. Lady Zonneschut deserves something equaly beautiful, if not more so. Right? The next miniature may by one of the smallest that I have bought, but it really outshines many others.

Let me zoom in on it so that you can see it for yourself. This is a silver brooch made by Sun from Nalladris. She specialises in replicating (historic) jewelry in miniature. It is a minute copy of a jewel from the 18th century. It is made out of silver and set with miniature silver pearls, (faux) pearls, and a green (faux) peridot gem. It measures only (just under) 8 millimeters in length. I simply love this little treasure. Don't you? 

Bijschrift toevoegen

As you may now, I am a big fan of the miniatures of Elisabeth Causeret. There are several miniaturists who make beautiful and delicate porcelain, but the crockery for daily use in the kitchens and larders was made of earthenware and stoneware. Simple and sturdy designs that c√°n be very beautiful in their own right. I also received an order of het beautiful stoneware and earthenware. Every piece was neatly wrapped and survived the transport from France to the Netherlands.

Above you can see my current collection of Stoneware from Cologne. Grey stoneware with blue glazed decorations were imported from Cologne since the 17th century, hence the name "Keuls Aardewerk". But stoneware like this was used, from the French Alsace Region to the Netherlands and made in several places in France and Germany. 

The low storage pots will be used to lay meats in salt or fat, covered with cloth or wooden lids. The high pots were often used for storing vegetables, beans et cetera in brine. Sometimes they were also used to store (vegetable) oil used for cooking and lighting. Every Dutch period larder and kitchen should have at least a few of these. The two jugs and the the two tankards in the foreground will get a place in the kitchen as well.  

And last but not least, a bunch of porcelain apothecary jars. These are mass producer and their lids do not even go off. I have an idea to turn them around so the black writing will no longer be invisible and embellish them with blue porcelain paint to give them another look. But that is a job for the near future since these are not destined for the east wing that I am currently building.

Well that' it for now. I hope that you like my purchases. 



  1. Dag Huibrecht! Wat een schatkist aan miniatuurtjes, heel mooi allemaal. De handgeblazen glaasjes zijn enorm mooi. En de broche, dat is een huzarenstukje, prachtig gewoon! Wat de urnen betreft zou ik zeggen, het hangt ervan af in welke omgeving je ze zal plaatsen denk ik. Zilver of marmer, het zal alleszins mooi worden. Ik vind alles wat je gekocht hebt mooi eigenlijk, die duelleerwapens zijn fantastisch, en de Keulse potten, de kandelaars, ... Ik ben helemaal mee met "het budget dat al op is voor de rest van het jaar" hahaha! Mijn poppenbudget is ook altijd veel sneller op dan ik had voorzien. :D Mijn oplossing is dan dat ik mijn partner lief aankijk en suggereer dat enkele van mijn aankopen kunnen dienen als cadeautje voor Kerst of verjaardag (soms lukt het ook nog) ;D Blijf veilig, voorzichtig en gezond in deze barre tijden!

  2. Son todas las piezas preciosas.

  3. Niet alleen het pareltje van een broche gemaakt door Sun is een geweldig prachtige aankoop, ook jouw andere aankopen in mini zijn pareltjes, WOOOOW, geweldig mooi allemaal, Hubert, geniet er van!!
    Dat miniatuur geweer en de set duelleer pistolen van Jim Watt ziet er prachtig uit, ik had helaas nog nooit van hem gehoord.
    Ook ik maak me zorgen over het oplopen van de besmettingen/corona haarden, vooral in de Randsteden en Zeeland, en dan zijn er ook nog zoveel mensen op vakantie......
    Blijf veilig en zorg goed voor elkaar, Hubert!
    Groetjes, Ilona

  4. Hi Huibrecht! It is sad that the Fairs have all been cancelled... but a Wise decision. It appears that Shopping can still happen... and your choices are Fantastic! I Love the dolphin candlesticks and the glassware is just gorgeous! But the dueling pistols are truly a work of rare perfection! (I do hope Master Swinnendale never has to use them!) And I truly look forward to seeing all these treasures in the House... or Manor! when it is ready! :):)

  5. What a wonderful parade of fantastic miniatures - I really enjoyed looking at your treasures. And isn't it amazing that the handwriting of some artists always shows up? I knew right from the pictures that you've bought the glasses from Gerd Felka and that this stunning brooch was made by Sun. And although I'm not into fire arms I must say that these pistols and the rifle are true pieces of miniature art, amazing work... and even the pacifist in me must agree that Sir Zonneschut is in need of this. I also like your collection of cheaper and mass produced items, perhaps you know by now my saying "we also need some pieces for the background" (okay, I usually say this when something doesn't turn out as nice as I hoped it would but anyhow... it's still true *grin*) And even mass produced items can be turned into fascinating ooak pieces - and I'm looking forward to see them again.


  6. You've burgeoning collection of stoneware and porcelains are a sight to behold! I just LOVE seeing groups of the same items all together such as you've posted!
    The minute silver brooch is INCREDIBLE!and there's little doubt that the lady of the house REALLY APPRECIATES you catering to her needs whilst her husband is off shooting pheasants OR settling an old score at dawn!

  7. Hi Huibrecht, it looks like working from home is a rather expensive arrangement - but oh what treasures. I am not usually a fan of firearms in any size, but the pistols are simply exquisite! And so too are the Venetian glasses. I can only imagine how festive they will look in dining room.
    Stay safe and well,
    Anna X