Thursday, 12 March 2020

Treasures from the Arnhem show, March 2020.

Last saturday I undertook my bi-annual pilgrimage to Arnhem for the spring edition of the dollshouseshow there. Apart from nobody shaking each others hand you hardly noticed a thing of that nasty Covid-19. Some sellers had to cancel because of it of course, but it did not effect the mood and I enjoyed myself nonetheless.

At every succeeding show I spend more time catching up with miniaturists (sellers and buyers) that I have made my acquantance with over the past few years. It is great fun to see and speak to eachother again. So much stories to cath up on. But fortunately I managed to get some real gems that I want to share with you.

First of all I got these two wonderful miniatures. The bellows are painted by Wagon Mountain Studio. She specialises in Dutch folk painting. Especially the styles popular around Hindelooper and Assendelft. I asked her to decorate this piece in the so called 'shadow work'. This style of decoration consists of motifs like scrolls and flowers in black and cream on a dark green base. The black and cream give the illusion of 3 dimensional decorations.

Next to it stands a delicate Delftware tulip vase with 11 nozzles. It is a miniature copy of an antique original. It is made by Henny Staring Egberts.  It is a heartshape carried by two ducks. I will fill this vase with some of the tullips from Ilona Kraasenberg which I bought last year.

You may have noticed by now that I like birds. Also miniature birds. And so these two caught my eye. The pink Cockatoo is made by Montheron. I love her work. The robin spreading its wings (sorry for not having a better photo) is made by Sandra van Bennekom of Lovingastory. She makes different types of birds using real feathers. Apart from realistic songbirds and owls she also had a few lovely Fenixes modelled on the old Fenix from Harry Potter. I think I'll buy a companion for this robin the next time I see her.

Next up are these three items. A jar and two chalices mady by Herman Straeten. The one in the middle is made out of a hollowed out palmfruit and ebony wood. The other two are turned from amber. The lids can be taken of. They are hollowed out and are quite opaque. They surely look good around my mounted nautilus. :-)

The three painted speculaasplanken or cookie moulds are not new. The one with the man on a horse is the one I bought this weekend. Made by Arjen Spinhoven this is the fourth mould in my little  collection. I will have to stain it first though.

More woodturning! This time made by Jokra. 2 walking sticks and a wig or hat stand. The black wood is ebony and the striped Brown wood is made of snakewood (also called letterwood) this last one has a tip and a knob made from silver.

As you may know, I love silver. And Marie-Louis Markhorst of Smallscale made these lovely mounted shells. She also makes great items for the kitchen in copper and or brass. Some of those are a must in the kitchens of Huis ter Swinnendael. But since my budget was rapidly coming to an end, I had to leave those for a future moment.

And last but not least, this recorder made of Rose Ivory. I did not know it existed until last weekend, but Rose Ivory is not pink coloured elephant tusk, but a type of hardwood. The beauty of this recorder is that if my fingers were small enough I could actualy play on it. It is made out of two pieces, hollowed out and with the holes in the right place. After the flute I bought from Gerrit van Werven last year, this is my second musical instrument. It is also made by Herman Straeten.

And that is it, my friends. The loot from my trip to Arnhem. I hope you have enjoyed this little post. I will spend the rest of the evening making my miniature administration in order. :-)



    The caliber of craftsmanship on each of your purchases, is Astounding! But where to begin? The tiny recorder is Adorable and don't you wish that you COULD play it?
    The dutch vase is a Real Beauty and I can't wait to see it filled with Ilona's tulips! Did you get her parrot tulips or the solids?
    The bellows and the birds are Lovely! I'm a big fan of birds too, and I enjoy watching many species including robins, in the garden outside my studio window- I never get tired of it!
    Your collection of vases, cookie molds and canes are SUPERB and how wonderful that your Grand Country House will be able to do justice to each of them!
    I hope you'll show them installed real soon!


  2. Wat een prachtige, nieuwe aanwinsten voor Huis ter Swinnendael, Huibrecht. Jouw huis zal zo een waar juweel worden, waarin al deze mini schatten in verborgen zullen zijn én getoond kunnen worden aan eenieder, die ze maar wil zien! Wij zijn bevoorrecht doordat we hier op jouw blog er al wat van mogen zien ;).
    Groetjes, Ilona

  3. What magnificent treasures you purchased! It will be so exciting to see them adorning Huis ter Swinnendael one day!

  4. ¡Fantásticas compras!, cada una de ellas son un pequeño tesoros.Buen fin de semana:-)

  5. Wow, you've brought home an impressive collection of stunning miniatures, each item a piece of art. It's always amazing how much talent is out there and that people manage to work such miracles in this scale. I must applaude you for the intention to fill this beautiful vase by Henny Staring Egberts with tulips from Ilona, according to me this is a match made in heaven. ;O) And I'm really fascinated by these jars made of amber - so beautiful. Huis ter Swinnendael will be filled with beauty, that's for sure. ;O)


  6. Goodness talk about a great reason to leave the house ! I have NEVER been to a miniature show and I dream of it. In the middle of hundreds of boxes I need those dreams ! I hadn't realised just how much stuff I have held onto for miniature making ! Enough to build a real house almost. Hope all is well but it seems that it is , huggss Mrs M